VEHICLE ADAPTIONS for Disabled Drivers & Passengers

We at WCI provide our customers with a range of vehicle adaptions to help create a more comfortable and empowered driving experience.

Depending on what you require from your driving activity, we stock and install a wide range of Driver and Passenger Adaptions.

Passenger Adaptions offers entry, exit and storage options for your vehicle.

Our Team will work with you and listen to your needs in order to deliver the ‘Best Fit’ adaption to help improve your daily journey experience.

There are numerous adaptions that you can employ on your vehicle, but not all will work for what you need.

All our adaptions are of the highest quality and installed by our Our Technical & Mechanical Teams following approved NSAI standards. You can guarantee that all our work is completed to the highest standards.

Driver Adaptions for disabled drivers


Impaired Mobility Driver Adaptions are divided into two categories:


  • Hand Controls
  • Lodgesons Infra-Red Controls
  • Steering Aids
  • Handbrake Adaptions


Pedal Adaptions


  • Swivel Seats
  • Turny Evo
  • Turny Orbit
  • Turny Low Vehicle
  • Six-Way Seat
  • Carony Seat / Carony Seat System


  • 40kg 2-Way Hoist
  • 75kg 2-Way Hoist
  • 120kg Telescopic Hoist


  • Vehicle Access Steps
  • Transfer Plates
  • Lowered Floor
  • Extended Seat Rails


Chair Topper

passenger adaptions for wheelchair cars


steering wheel adaptions for disabled drivers


Hand controls allow people with impaired mobility in the lower body to operate the brake and accelerator with their hand. These can be fitted to either the left or right side of the steering wheel and come with various different options. Hand controls can be fitted to most makes and models of automatic vehicles.

Different sized handles and grips can be fitted to suit an individual. The most popular form of hand controls is push-pull, Push to brake and pull to accelerate however there is the option of pulling down to accelerate and pushing forward to brake. 

Popular additions to hand controls:

  • Indicator switch added to handle
  • Headlights switch added to handle
  • Crossover bar to put indicators on the opposite side
  • A steering ball or steering aid is generally used in conjunction with hand controls


These controls allow the secondary functions of the vehicle to be controlled without your hand leaving the steering wheel. The button pad can be configured so you can control many different functions. Note that not all functions are available on every model or vehicle. Some come with 7, 10 or 13 functions.


  • Horn
  • Indicators
  • Wipers
  • Headlights
  • Hazard Lights
  • Front and Rear Washer
  • Illumination for night time
steering wheel adaptions to aid wheelchair drivers
steering wheel adaptions for impaired mobility
steering wheel aid


Different steering balls and spinners can make driving easier. These are particularly useful when using hand controls as your hand does not need to leave the steering wheel. We carry a stock of various models.


  • Steering Balls
  • Tetra Grip
  • Quick Release
  • Tee type steering aid
  • Peg type steering aid


Some people may find the handbrake ina vehicle difficult or uncomfortable to use. Thankfully there are solutions. We can attach a quick release handbrake or an electronic motor to make the parking brake easier.


  • Quick Release handbrake
  • Electronic Handbrake
quick release handbrake adaption for mobility impaired drivers
Quick Release Handbrake for drivers with impaired upper body strength
removal foot pedal adaption for wheelchair car
pedal adaption options for wheelchair accessible vehicles


Pedals can be to suit you. Left foot accelerator, both “flip” pedal and floor mounted can be installed in most automatic cars. In both instances, it is a simple process to alternate between left and right foot for the accelerator. Pedal extensions can also be fitted.


  • “Flip” left foot accelerator
  • Floor mounted left foot accelerator, with a quick-release mechanism
  • Pedal extensions of varying sizes to suit the individual
  • Floor Riser


swivel seat for disabled passenger
swivel seat for disabled passenger


Swivel seats make entering and exiting your vehicle very easy. The suitability of the swivel seats depends on the car and the person using the chair. We recommend talking to us first so we can point you in the right direction when selecting a vehicle. Many factors will determine whether the swivel seat will function effectively.


  • The original seat can remain in the car
  • Can be fitted to many makes and models
  • Makes transferring to and from the vehicle easier


There is an array of seating options available for drivers and passengers again for these systems to function correctly is all about choosing the correct adaption in the right vehicle for the right person. Here at Wheelchair Cars Ireland, our team can carry out a whole host of seating modifications. These include but are not limited to, the following:

Turny Evo

A programmable electronic seat which comes entirely out of the vehicle. Its path can be customised to suit the individual and vehicle. For those who cannot transfer to regular swivel seat.

Turny Orbit

Suitable for passenger installation only the Turny Orbit comes either Manual or Electric. The seat will come entirely out of the vehicle and has powered lifting. Again suitable for those who need something extra than what a swivel seat offers.

Turny Low Vehicle

Specifically designed seat for cars with limited door space. The seat comes almost entirely out of the vehicle.

Six-Way Seat

Generally fitted in larger vehicles such as a Mercedes Sprinter the six-way seat can allow for internal transfer from wheelchair/scooter to the driver seat.


The Carony seat allows for movement to and from the vehicle without the need for the wheelchair occupant to transfer from the wheelchair to the car seat and vice versa. This makes entering and exiting the vehicle easier for both the wheelchair user and the person who is with them.

  • Allows easier exit and entry to the vehicle
  • Removes the need for transfers
  • Can be fitted to many makes and models
  • The new improved design adds important functions and features
carony seat for disabled person
boot hoist for wheelchair car
boot hoist for wheelchair car


There are various sizes and load limits for boot hoists. With some hoists, you need to guide the scooter or wheelchair into the boot of the car where the hoist takes all the weight of the equipment. Available weight loads ranging from 40kg to 150kg. The use of a hoist depends on the capabilities of the person using it. PLEASE NOTE: Not all hoists will fit in all cars.

Brig Ayd Boot Hoist 

80kg-150kg Programmable 4way Evotech Hoist. It is powered by the vehicle’s battery lifts from 80 up to 150 kilos. It can be fitted in an estate, multi-purpose family vehicles and 4 by 4 vehicles.

The Evotech Hoist has unique features, allowing the user to easily programme a loading cycle. Users can pre-set a loading position for your wheelchair or scooter, then the hoist will load them into your car accurately as programmed.

40kg 2way Hoist

This hoist is reliable and compact; it can be used to lift small motorised scooters and manual wheelchairs of up to 40kgs. The hoist is neatly installed to either the nearside or offside rear corner of the vehicles boot area. It’s suitable for most type of vehicles, including hatchbacks, estates and saloon cars. The simple design enables the user to transfer the hoist to any other suitable vehicles.

75kg 2way Hoist

The Brig-Ayd Post Hoist is a simple unit. It enables loading and unloading of wheelchairs and scooters weighing up to 75kg. The hoist is supplied with a single point lifting hook and a lifting bar that attaches either side of the wheelchair or scooter.  The hoist has a power on/off switch and a rocker switch which is held down to either raise or lower the wheelchair/scooter.

The power switch has overload protection. It trips out if the current drawn by the motor is too great. The arm of the hoist is rotated by hand to move the wheelchair/scooter in or out of the vehicle.

120kg Telescopic Hoist

The Brig-Ayd Telescopic Hoist is a compact unit which enables loading and unloading of wheelchairs and scooters weighing up to 120kg from a vehicle in only single button operation. The electronic control box has a power switch, a push-button to load the wheelchair, a push button to unload the wheelchair and lights that show the state of the hoist in normal operation. These lights and buttons are also used to set up the hoist after installation in the vehicle. A remote handset is connected by a lead to the control box with its own load and unload buttons. Either set of buttons may be used to control the hoist.


Transfer Plates can be fitted to most makes and models of vehicles.

Attached to the B Pillar the transfer plate acts much like a banana board or transfer board bridging the gap between the side of the vehicle and the seat.

Transfer Plates can be manual or electric.

Manual Transfer Plates are attached manually and simply slot the detachable seat into the quick release clasp at a 45-degree angle and lower down to use.

Electric Transfer Plate is designed to help people make a sidewise transfer between a wheelchair and the vehicle’s seat. The plate is powered up and down directly from the vehicle’s battery and is folded up and down manually.

Allows easier exit and entry to the vehicle

The original seat can be kept in the car

Can be fitted to many makes and models

Neatly folds out of the way when not in use

transfer plate for mobility impaired passenger
side step to aid entry and exit


Side steps are a common feature on most minibuses and larger wheelchair accessible vehicles making the vehicle more accessible to mobile users. They can be fixed in position or be operated manually or electrically. Electrically and manually operated steps normally hideaway under the vehicle when not in use. Not just functional the sidesteps can add to the look of the vehicle if for example, you were to choose fixed chrome steps.

  • The original seat can be kept in the car
  • Can be fitted to many makes and models
  • Neatly folds out of the way when not in use


When vehicle adaptions are no longer suitable a wheelchair accessible vehicle is the best option. Available in different makes models sizes and colours. Adaptions can be carried out on new or used vehicles however cost may make converting an older vehicle too costly. The conversion comes with a lowered floor and rear access ramp, 4-point wheelchair restraint system and 3-point occupant seatbelt. Consideration must be taken when choosing a vehicle that both the wheelchair and the occupant can fit comfortably into the vehicle. Height, width and length of the occupied wheelchair will all be taken into consideration when choosing a vehicle.


  • Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life
  • Peugeot Partner
  • Citroen Berlingo
  • Fiat Doblo
  • Mercedes Citan
  • Peugeot Expert / Peugeot Traveller

We encourage you to make sure and contact our mobility team to ensure that the vehicle or adaption is suitable for your needs. 

lowered floored for wheelchair accessible vehicle
extended seat rails adaption


It is possible to fit Extended Seat Rails to most makes and models of car.

The rails allow for easier entry and exit of the vehicle.

They are either fitted to either the front passenger’s seat or the driver’s seat.

Passengers will enjoy the advantage of more legroom. Having this much more legroom is beneficial to people who cannot or find it uncomfortable to be seated with their legs bent.



The chair topper allows either drivers or passengers to store their wheelchair on the roof of the vehicle.

After transferring from wheelchair to the car a remote control allows you to stow the wheelchair. When fitted the Chair Topper looks like a roof box.

chair topper for storage on car
chair topper for wheelchair accessible car
chair topper close up on car