Hand Controls

Silver Line II Push/Pull Hand Controls – Disabled Drivers hand controls

The System allows users to control the vehicle by using the hand lever mounted below the steering wheel; the unique design and usage of high quality components will maximise user’s driving experience and safety.
Users push down the handle to brake.
Pull the handle up to operate the accelerator.
The hand control system can be tailored to each individual vehicle, the neat design and build quality allows the driver ease of entry and exit from the vehicle. You can add indicator switches such as either a toggle indicator switch or a rotary indicator switch. On the rotary indicator, you can also choose to add buttons to control the vehicle’s dip and main beam and the horn. This additional buttons can ensure the best driving experience combined with the steering aid system.

Steering Aid/Balls

Quick Release Steering Aid/balls
These steering aids come in a variety of shapes to suit your needs. Such as ball, tee, peg shape and tetra grip and can be fitted by us onsite in Glasson. Easy to fit steering aids. All of our handles have a choice of permanently fix or quick release system. These steering aids can be used on their own or in conjunction with other hand controls.

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