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Buying a car can be stressful at the best of times. Buying a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle can be even more of a challenge given the wide range of adaptations and modifications which are available. When first looking for a wheelchair accessible vehicle it can be a bit daunting. Often incorrectly referred to as wheelchair vans or disabled cars the options can be a little overwhelming.  It is always a good idea when looking for a vehicle to come in and have a chat with us if possible or call us for some friendly advice and allow us to fully explain all the options you have available. Together we can take a look at all options and figure out between us what vehicle and adaptions will work best for you. Here is the Wheelchair Cars Ireland glossary covering the common wheelchair accessible vehicles and features available in them. If you don’t see something you would like some information on, just call us and we will help in any way that we can.


Wheelchair Accessible Cars come in a range of makes, models and sizes depending on your needs.

wide range of wheelchair accessible vehicles


Peugeot Partner Tepee S and Peugeot Partner Tepee RS models

The Peugeot Partner SE is suited for regular wheelchair use and to people with a larger wheelchair who may require a lot of space in the rear of the vehicle. Access for wheelchair occupant is obtained through a rear access ramp. The Tepee is a very spacious and comfortable car and is also very economical. It is probably the most popular wheelchair accessible vehicle on the road today.

Depending on year and conversion the Peugeot Partner Tepee normally offers between 54″ and 56″ internal head height and width of the wheelchair ramp would be between 26″ and 33″. This means the car can offer great flexibility to wheelchair users.

The S and RS model Peugeot Partner can come with 5 seats when no wheelchair is present in the car. When the wheelchair is in the vehicle the configuration changes to 2 seats in front and 1 rear plus the wheelchair with two rear seats folding forward to allow space for wheelchair occupant.

The rear access ramp folds flat into the floor when no wheelchair is in the car, effectively turning the car into a 5 seater car with great boot space. This model can be reconfigured by adjusting the seating arrangement. seating can be customized in most models depending on the preference of the customer.

This layout is ideal for families or organisations who do not always carry a wheelchair occupant. This model is also suitable for a wheelchair accessible taxi.

Citroen Berlingo WAV

The Citroen Berlingo is an ideal family or taxi wheelchair accessible vehicle.

  • Lowered floor from the rear up to front seats
  • 4-point wheelchair tie-down system with an adjustable 3-point seatbelt  for the wheelchair passenger
  • Modified fuel tank and exhaust system to accommodate a deep and level lowered floor
  • Ramp: Double folding lightweight ramp with the clear-view design what allows to view through the back window
  • Lowered floor fully covered with matching upholstery
  • The centre part or the rear bumper will be replaced on the hatch, thus maintaining the original look
  • The original parking sensors remain functional after conversion

Renault Kangoo

The Renault Kangoo wheelchair car continues to be a popular choice when choosing a wheelchair accessible vehicle. Now available in Diesel and Petrol the Kangoo is a comfortable functional wheelchair car comparable in size to the Partner and Berlingo. It offers very similar interior dimensions. Available in Automatic or Manual.

Fiat Doblo

For many years and even now the Fiat Doblo remains one of the more popular wheelchair accessible vehicles. The interior space caters for most wheelchair users. The functionality and space it offers while still being a small vehicle makes it stand alone amongst wheelchair cars. Again depending on the size of the wheelchair, the Doblo can with 2,3 or 4 seats.


Peugeot Rifter

The new Peugeot Rifter bringing style, comfort and elegance to your driving experience.

Depending on your preference you can order a 5-speed manual gearbox or a 6-speed auto gearbox.

The Rifter is a 1.5 diesel engine offering a very economical fuel consumption and seating can be configured to use your lifestyle and purpose.

It has a lightweight folding flat ramp at the rear of the vehicle for easy wheelchair access.

Its lowered floor conversion offers a spacious head height of 57 inches and can accommodate wheelchairs which are up to 31 inches wide meaning most wheelchair passengers are comfortable for their journey.

Like all our vehicles have top-quality 4-point wheelchair restraint system and 3-point occupant seat belt fitted in the vehicle.

Fiat Scudo

The Fiat Scudo is a larger vehicle than the Peugeot Partner and Berlingo. Seating can be customized to suit your needs. In the most common configuration, the wheelchair sits in the second row of seats rather than in the rear of the vehicle allowing more comfort for the wheelchair occupant. The Fiat Scudo WAV is a comfortable and versatile vehicle most suited to larger families and organisations or simply those that need a little extra space.

Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life – Vista

Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life, Vista wheelchair accessible vehicles are versatile, multi-passenger vehicles with ample space; an ideal option for both small groups and large families. Vista offers luxury with impressive looks and features ensuring a smooth and comfortable drive for drivers and passengers. It provides unsurpassed ease of access for wheelchair passengers with the new Flat Foldwheelchair ramp. This wheelchair ramp offers unrivalled flexibility as it can be folded flat to the vehicle floor when not in use allowing for superior storage space.

Ford Tourneo Connect

The Ford Transit Connect is a beautifully finished wheelchair accessible vehicle which combines style and comfort to deliver a top-quality driving experience. The low gradient EasyFold ramp makes wheelchair entry and exits easy and straight forward. there’s also the option of an electric winch. Safety is of utmost importance, so every one of our vehicles is fitted with high-quality wheelchair restraints and full lap and diagonal seatbelts for all passengers. seating layout of the vehicle can be modified depending on the preference of the customer.


Citroen Dispatch

The Citroen Dispatch is a strong and reliable wheelchair taxi. With its 2-litre diesel engine, it is big enough to cater for most wheelchairs with up to 6 additional passengers or at maximum 7 additional passengers when no wheelchair is present. The vehicle can also be configured for use with two wheelchairs.

Available in Automatic or Manual as well as short and long-wheelbase the Citroen Dispatch is perfect for those who do a lot of fares with wheelchairs. Its interior head height is generous in comparison to similar-sized vehicles and with a ramp entrance width anywhere between 27″ and 33″ you shouldn’t have to worry whether a wheelchair is going to fit comfortably in the vehicle.

Peugeot Expert

The Expert/Scudo/Dispatch/Proace are larger vehicles than the Partner and Berlingo. Seating is configured in many different ways and can be customized to suit the needs of most customers. In the most common configuration, the wheelchair will sit in the second row of seats rather than in the rear of the vehicle allowing more comfort for the wheelchair occupant. Generally available in 1.6 or 2-litre models (all recent models are 2-litre) the Peugeot Expert WAV is a comfortable and versatile vehicle most suited to larger families and organisations or simply those that need a little extra space.

Peugeot Boxer

The Peugeot Boxer is another step up in size from the Peugeot Expert. Access for wheelchair occupants is given through a Ricon lift at the rear of the vehicle. The lift is used instead of a ramp and the seating is highly configurable. The Peugeot Boxer can also allow for 1 or 2 wheelchairs and seating can be arranged to suit the user. Again most suited for larger families or organisations.

Renault Trafic

The Renault Traffic & Opal Vivaro are similar in size to the Peugeot Expert. Extremely generous internal space allows access to most wheelchair users with a maximum internal height of approximately 60 inches in some models. Because of the height inside the visibility for the wheelchair user is normally exceptional. Once again it’s size offers versatility and its striking appearance sets it apart from other wheelchair accessible vehicles of a similar size.

Ford Tourneo Custom

The Ford Tourneo Custom is a beautifully finished wheelchair accessible vehicle which is ideal for larger families or small groups requiring wheelchair accessible transport. The low gradient EasyFold™ ramp makes wheelchair entry and exit easy and straight forward. there’s also the option of an electric winch. Safety is of utmost importance, so every Independence™ is fitted with high-quality wheelchair restraints and full lap and diagonal seatbelts for all passengers. seating layout of the vehicle can be modified depending on the preference of the customer.

Volkswagen Transporter

An ideal family vehicle when you need extra headroom for the wheelchair user. The Vehicle can come with many different seating patterns plus Wheelchair. This superb highline model is available now to order from Wheelchair Cars Ireland. The car is a High Spec model and comes with many amazing features including 16-inch alloy wheels, Volkswagen interior stereo system complete with touch screen, glass top roof vent, metallic paint LED lighting and dimming within the vehicle, all modern electrics, air conditioning, Bluetooth phone connectivity, USB input, armrests, heated seats and so much more.

Toyota Proace

The Toyota Proace with rear cut floor is a wheelchair accessible vehicle for wheelchair passengers. The rear cut-out with access ramp allows the wheelchair user to be transported comfortably. Due to the lowered floor non-slip ramp there access is easy with plenty of space in the passenger compartment. Wheelchair & occupant restraint systems are provided to secure both the wheelchair and the wheelchair occupant.

Kia Sedona / Kia Carnival

The Kia Sedona is an exquisite example of a wheelchair accessible car. Spacious and comfortable with the option of having a third seat in the middle row when now wheelchair is in use. Not converted after 2012. Available in Manual and Automatic and 2.2 and 2.9-litre engines depending on the year.

Volkswagen Caravelle

The Volkswagen Caravelle wheelchair accessible vehicle conversion is probably one of the most versatile motors in terms of adaptation options and configurations. It can be converted in accordance with the needs of the wheelchair user and their everyday transport requirements.

Volkswagen Caravelle conversions can consist of the simplest of rear entry manual ramp models, through to incredibly complex Drive From Wheelchair Caravelle versions, with fully automated door and lift entry systems, electronic remote tie-downs and Space Drive Driving Control systems where their vehicle is piloted by a joystick controller.

The Volkswagen Caravelle wheelchair accessible comes in an array of specifications both in terms of engine type and size and also the comfort and styling.


Renault Master

The Renault Master is perfect for larger families and organisations, or just those who need some extra space for carrying equipment etc. Access is by a rear wheelchair lift and seating can be configured to suit.

Mercedes Sprinter

Similar in size to the Renault Master the Mercedes Sprinter wheelchair accessible is a versatile vehicle. Wheelchair passenger, passenger upfront, drive from wheelchair or driver transfer vehicles available.